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History Camp for Kids



The Golden Museum is excited to be able to continue to offer

History Camp for Kids! Week long day camps run 6 times

through the summer, for children from 6 to 12 years of age.

Children come to camp between 10 am and 4 pm.

Below is an example of what a normal week would look like.

Check out our brochure to the right.


Early Settler’s Day


On this day kids will travel back to Golden’s early years. They

 will learn about pioneer travel and what these settlers carried

with them when making the trek to western Canada. Once they

have successfully travelled back into their pioneer selves and

learned how they would have survived, they will jump forward

to another period of history. The camper’s will then become

prospectors and learn all about the rough and tumble life of the

gold rush. From there they will get a lesson in olden day

community cooperation with a firsthand experience on the

bucket brigade.


Toys, Games and Animation Day


On this day the kids will learn about historical games, toys and animation. They will start the day off with some old fashioned pioneer games, learning how pioneer kids managed to entertain themselves without electricity and video games. From there they will be making and decorating their own Hula Hoops. Campers will finish up the day by making their own animation flip books in the afternoon.


Old Time Technology Day


On this day the kids will learn about the progression of technology. The day will start with a lesson about the pony express, the post office and typewriters. From there they will progress into the Victrola era, where they will learn a song from the Victrola. Then it is off the telephone era, in which camper’s will be making their own tin can telephones! The afternoon is dedicated to photography and an introduction into film. The kids will practice posing for photos and keeping perfectly still, just like they had to with old cameras, after discussing the difference between cameras then and cameras now. The final activity of the day will be an introduction to silent films.


Silent Films Day


The afternoon of Old Time Technology leads camper’s into this day. They will be learning about the importance of silent films in history, as well as the importance of expression. They will be the cast and crew of their own silent movie, as well as planning and storyboarding it. Most of the day will be dedicated to rehearsals and filming of this fun activity. Other movie and TV related activities will be interspersed to keep the atmosphere fun.


Recap Day


The final day of camp will be dedicated to tying all the camp activities together. The kids will start off participating in a Trade Market, in which they can trade their hard earned Golden Museum Dollars, gained throughout the week by participating in camp activities, for fun prizes. This activity is designed to teach camper’s the bartering and haggling systems that have been employed throughout history. From there the children will set off on an extensive scavenger hunt starting on the museum grounds and traveling across town to the Wixon house property for lunch. At the Wixon house the children will learn about Old Time Health Care and the importance of gardening and farming to settlers. This will also include information on the victory garden’s of war time. From there, the children will head off to the cenotaph to learn more about Golden during wartimes, before heading across the street to the Yoho Theatre, now known as the Golden Cinema. The children will meet their parents there for the screening of their own silent film!



Walks and Talks


The Golden Museum has a number of guided and self guided walks available to the public during the summer. Check out walks below.




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