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Photographic Reproduction, Research Policy and Fees

Photographic Reproduction, Research Policy and Fees


Effective November 2007


The Golden Museum is a non-profit organization. Our mandate is to provide understanding about Golden's past and that of its near neighboring communities. We will endeavor to provide as much service as possible towards research and providing access to our historic photo collection and our archival material.




The Museum does not have a full time researcher on staff. Our ability to conduct research or do a photograph search will be assessed with each request.


Simple information requests that do not involve more than 15 minutes of staff time to complete will be done free of charge.


In some cases of research, an initial in-person or phone consultation with Museum staff or volunteers is needed. The first consultation will be of no charge, with follow up consulting being charged at the stated hourly rate.


The rate is $25.00 per hour for Museum staff time. This is to locate photographs or archival material pertaining to your request. This can be negotiated in special cases.


Prior to the Museum agreeing to have its staff conduct research, an assessment as to our ability to do so will be made. Also, we make no guarantee that we will find the information being requested.


Response to the request will be within two weeks, unless otherwise indicated. The research request must be very clear and we can only accommodate specific questions that are in writing.


If an archive, photo or map request can be filled relatively easily by Museum staff, only the fee for reproduction will be charged, otherwise time ($25.00 per hour) will be charged in addition to the per photo charge. In some cases this can be negotiated.


If a researcher wishes to conduct their own photo search using the available finding aids, there is a charge of $15.00 for the first half hour, and $12.00 per hour for every half hour there after. Researchers are welcome to come back to complete their research as they need to.


If a staff person is to conduct the photo search, a flat rate of $25.00 per hour or portion of hour will be charged. Staff will advise if they can easily locate the requested photo or if the fee is to be charged.


The public is welcome to conduct their own archival research, but an appointment MUST be made first and the archival usage fee paid. A staff person will find the appropriate files and materials for the researcher to go through.




There is a publication/video fee of $40.00 (North American publication), $50.00 (world wide publication) per picture or image used from the Golden Museum's archival collection. This applies if the image is for use in any book, pamphlet, brochure, poster, film, slide presentation, exhibit, and or any other form of ' publication '.This fee is a one-time use only. All Golden Museum and Archives property and materials is copyrighted for the Museum's use. Any other public use for profit must be discussed with the Museum's Board of Directors.


For Reproduction Fees for Photographs and Archival Materials, copying, courier and/or postal fees will be added.


All photographic reproductions will be done by Golden Photography; please allow a minimum of two weeks for processing. Our usage fee will be added to the invoice you receive from Golden Photography.




There is a products for sale usage fee for using photographic, graphic, text, moving image or sound materials on clothing, gifiware, calendars, DVD/CD's, souvenirs, games, stationery, posters, postcards, etc. Permission to use materials on products for sale is required. Contact the Curator for approval.



To use any photographic image in your home there is a one-time usage fee of $10.00 plus the cost of production. All production will Golden Museum Copy write.




The bulk of our photographs are digitized. These digital images are high resolution (10 - 20 mb), to large to be emailed. They can be placed on a DVD/CD by a staff member but all the regular research fees will apply plus $3 .00 for the DVD/CD, plus usage as applicable. Pickup can then be arranged or courier/postal fees will apply.




$0.25 per copy.



Special appointments may be able to be arranged for days when the Museum is typically closed. This will depend on whether a staff person is willing to come in on their day off. Appointments must be made with the Curator. Seven days notice is required. The fee is $70.00 per hour, minimum four hours, plus other regular usage fees will apply. A 50% deposit is required for off-day research appointments, and is non-refundable upon cancellation.




Researchers are reminded that they are working with historical records and objects, which are unique and often very fragile. In order to protect this material, we would ask that all materials be handled carefully. Do not place open volumes face down, remove one folder at at time from document cases, preserve the existing order of manuscript papers, wear the protective gloves provided, do not trace maps or other records and do not lay note taking paper on top of documents.


No original materials are allowed to leave the museum. There will be no relaxing of this policy for any reason, unless another accredited Canadian Archives is involved.


Please take the time to add your project description here. This is necessary for us to keep track of where our

images, objects and materials have been used with our permission. This will protect you and any client you may

have from any misunderstanding in the future.

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