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There are several ways that you can support the Golden Museum:


1. Buy an Annual Membership


2. Donate to the Golden Community Foundation through the Cecil & Edel Parson Fund directed to the Historical Society, or build your own fund.


Since 2001, the Golden & District Community Foundation has continually endeavored to grow their permanent funds. After much fundraising, grant proposals, donor meetings and community support, almost $1.2 million in permanent funds has been amassed. Recently, while many foundations saw a dramatic decline in their equity-based assets, we have invested most of the Foundation’s funds in this community through the generous support of the Columbia Valley Credit Union. This decision has protected our principle and provided earnings to be granted in good times and in bad.


The Golden & District Community Foundation encourages the unique culture of our communities through our support of registered charities in the areas of recreation, arts, education, health, social services, heritage and environment.


As a charity that gives to other charities, we can work with donors to help imagine a future that is vibrant and confident. Donors can choose to contribute to the Community Endowment Fund, a pooled fund that will enable future generations of grant makers to benefit from the investment income.


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