Golden Museum and Archives


The Golden Museum and Archives has an extensive collection of artifacts and archival material,  from Golden, BC and its surrounding neighboring communities. These collections include but are not limited to those shown below.


Special Collections:


Ken Jones Collection

Syd Feuz Collection



Municipal Records


The Archives is a designated repository for the Municipal Council Meeting Records.


The Wenman Collection


The Wenman Collection consists of photographs and glass negatives of significant people and events in Golden, BC, as well as a natural history collection, particular pieces from the first and second World Wars and a few Native pieces. This collection was donated by William Wenman Jr.


Access to the Collection:


An entrance interview with the Archivist will help you identify the records you need.  Please see Research and Photo Usage Policy and Fees for more information.


Use of Material:


Due to the rarity of the records, the collection must remain non-circulating. Reproduction of photos is permitted with restrictions.


Preservation of Records:


The Golden Museum & Archives provides a safe and secure place to house your donations. The building has full environmental controls and is monitored. Fragile items are photographed and digitized to reduce handling.


All donations are carefully documented so that a permanent record is kept detailing the history of each donation.




The Golden Museum & Archives welcomes the donation of records and artifacts relating to the history of the people and places surrounding and including Golden, BC, Canada.


Every donation is catalogued, and donors are asked to sign gift forms releasing ownership.


The Archives relies on donations to expand its collection. If you are unsure about the records in your home, office, church or group, please contact the Archivist before discarding.



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