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On Thursday, March 28th, 1968, a number of interested citizens met at Alexander Park School to discuss the formation of a Historical society to preserve the records, pictures and artifacts pertaining to the Golden Area.


Officers elected were: President: Mrs. Neil Cameron, Vice President: Mr. William Wenman, Secretary: Mrs. Margaret Woods, Treasurer Mrs. Glen Birnie, Directors: Mrs. N. King, Mrs. T. Neville, Mr. C. Parson and Mrs. H.F. Graham.


The subject of a museum was brought up. Some of the old buildings were discussed but it was determined that a new building would be the best option.


In the spring of 1969, the Historical Society held a Walkathon from Parson to Golden, and collected over $10,000. This was the first step. Next the Elks Lodge donated five adjoining lots for the museum to be built on.


Many plans were considered but based on the budget it was decided to go with the Stenier Arch building that is still home to the museum.


To Uwe Sorenson goes the credit for the construction of the building and overseeing the project with his knowledge as a foreman. To Peter Miller goes the credit for having promoted the project and all of the interior design.


It took several more large fundraising projects to raise the funds needed for completion of the building as well as several successful grant applications.


After 2 years as President of the Historical Society, Peter Miller stepped down and was succeeded by Margaret Olson, who was succeeded by Ethel King.


The footing were poured by members of the Historical Society in June 1971, and the floor was poured in November of 1972.


The museum was officially opened on June 1, 1974.

Ribbon cutting: Mr. Zazulak, Mr. Wenman and, Mr. Parson.

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